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Managing contacts should not be like killing brain cells!

Recommendations and Ratings

You can give recommendations for contacts and assign star ratings to professionals


Automatically update information

Your information will automatically update if you change employer or role


Create your personal QR Code

Share your i-Card profile with other users of i-Card by a simple scan of your QR Code on a mobile device


Virtual Business Card

Corporations can create Virtual Business Card or Cards for their employees


Information Completely in your Control

Your information is completely in your control. You can choose to share updates with contacts and add/edit/block contacts, as you please


Search your Contact Directory

Users can search the contact directory by name, company, occupation, city etc


Create a Group/Chat Community

Users of i-Card can create a chat community between their contacts on the i-Card App


Backed up on Cloud

The i-Card contacts are backed up on a cloud server, accessible in case of loss of your mobile device


Save paper, and costs, never carry a bundle of business cards

You can save on business card costs, save the environment while saving yourself the headaches of an organizing your business cards, just use the app to find your contacts, business associates, vendors, customers etc

What's the hype about

We have taken the paper out of the "Business Card," making it more "green" to use Business Cards without denting your wallet. Scan your contacts' "QR" code from their i-Card App & add them to your i-Card application. It's easy and hassle free!! Corporation or individuals can signup & personalize their Business Cards.

Now all you need is to scan your favorite "Businesses" QR code to add their information in your phone. Or to scan another i-Card user virtual business card to obtain their information. The i-Card search menu lets you search by keywords that you remember easily such as: "plumber," "salon," "breakfast," "Chicago," and gets you all the matches quickly. Never lose your contacts!! No matter if you are travelling, forgotten your cell phone or upgraded it. You can login to your account anywhere and on any device & use it!



i-Card Defined

Personnel and companies can now have their employees’ login online on the i-Card application and put in their information that will be visible to their customers or vendors online. The employees can choose what information they want to share online along with their picture. Each i-Card or contact detail will have a QR Code assigned to it. When you meet a client or vendor, instead of exchanging paper business cards, you can simply scan each other’s QR Codes and exchange information which remains in your contacts. This information will automatically sync with outlook, and social media websites such as Linked In. You will be able to see a corporate logo (if account is registered by a company for their employee) or just a picture of the contact you are adding.

If the person you are meeting does not have an electronic QR Code, they can also be prompted via Outlook to sign up for the application. If the person you are meeting have a QR Code in the back of their business card, then when their contact is scanned – the person without the electronic data can be prompted to register for i-Card so that their information is available electronically later on when someone else scans their QR Code.

If the contact you have in your i-Card app switches jobs (in case of a personal account) – it will update their new information in your mobile application. The person who is sharing their information can also restrict and allow what they want you to see vs. what they don’t want you to see. If the person lost a job or changes “field of work” completely and does not want an electronic business card to be shared publically, they can choose it to be offline and not be sharable. Or just be sharable with the people they still want to keep in touch with only.

The mobile application in general will allow users to keep contacts and data in a cloud based environment which is also accessible online. So if your mobile phone is lost or stolen, the business cards and one’s contacts can be accessed from the cloud environment on their new device once again without hassle. The user will also be able to create “family,” “customer,” “work” groups etc., to keep in touch and have group chats. The application will also allow for quick messages to individuals or group members.

The i-Card application will allow users to search their business card database by occupation, by first name, last name, business type, city, state or any details necessary to find the right match.

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